Doug Pendlebury has had a life long passion for the bygone era for design and engineering excellence that is epitomised in classic cars.

Having spent much of his working life in engineering, starting out as an apprentice mechanical engineer, moving on to welding and steel fabrication, which progressed into the repair of hydraulic machinery. After that it was turbine engineering for gas and steam turbines for power generation on land or in submarines. His career also included work in the oil industry on large valves with fine tolerances and pumps which could weigh as much as 10 tons.

Right from being a teenager he has worked on classic cars, so he formed PEM Classic Engineering turning his passion into his livelihood and never looked back.

Doug needed a simple website to help his business get found on line, after a bad experience with a local graphic design provider, he found Op2mise and didn’t look back.

Nick at Op2mise was a great help, his knowledge of businesses, the internet and a background in engineering meant that we could speak the same language and I had every confidence that I could trust him to get the job done for me.

The site is live and working well, its is linked with Google Analytics so that all the visitor information is reported so that we can understand our customers interest and needs.